HbCC/HbW Group Riding FAQs

How much does it cost...where do I register?

The club is only $10!  You can & you must register for the club at BikeReg.com EVERY YEAR in order to participate in our weekly group & ad hoc rides.  Donations on the registration site above are always welcome

How do I prep & pack for a group ride?

Good question!  There's a handy dandy list here.  It includes must haves to nice to haves and everything in between.

But always carry an ID, Medical Insurance card, cell phone, water, spare tube & CO2 cartridge (or pump). Unless otherwise noted rides do NOT have planned rest stops.

Where does HbCC & HbW ride?

-We ride out of Summit, Cranford, Madison & the surrounding area.  

-See ride calendar here & the seasonal weekly ride schedule here.

-Exact routes/ride details are published on Hb Women or Hb Cycle Club Facebook page(s) about 24 hours in advance.

-Rides leave ON TIME.  Please arrive 15 minutes early to park & pump tires & do your hair in the perfect ponytail ladies!

*HbW rides are women only.

*HbCC rides are co-ed.

Does the ride schedule change with the Weather? Seasons? Holidays?

A new schedule will be posted for spring/summer/fall.  Winter is ad-hoc depending on the weather.  Rides do not operate on holiday weekends unless posted on Facebook by ride leader.

In case of inclement weather, ride leaders determine if ride will proceed. Updates will be published on Hb Women or Hb Cycle Club Facebook pages. CHECK BEFORE YOU GO!

What are the group ride levels offered?

-Ride levels and guidelines are here, speed, distances & elevation estimates information can be found here.

-You can download (to "Ride With GPS" App) or print the route/cue sheets from the FB posts for each specific ride– cue sheets will NOT be provided.

-Unless otherwise noted, rides (except A) are ‘no-drop’.

-A-C rides require road bike. D-E rides hybrid friendly.