Guidelines & Group Riding Etiquette

HbCC Group Ride Guidelines & Etiquette


Membership Sign Up

  • Club membership is $10.  You must register every year before joining any rides.

  • 2021 registration URL:


Facebook Group Notifications

  • Default setting is “Highlights” so you may miss important posts!

  • Stay updated by enabling notifications for All Posts on the HbCC / HbW page.


Routes & Ride Levels:

  • Routes will be posted on Facebook 24 to 48 hours before the scheduled ride.  Download to a GPS device if possible, or carry a cue sheet of the route.

  • All rides will be assigned ride levels. Become familiar with ride levels, average speeds, and demands of the ride before you participate.

  • Do not select a ride that is beyond your ability.

    • If you are uncertain about your ability, make an estimate, and then choose one level lower for your first group ride to protect you from getting into a stressful situation.

  • No-drop rides may regroup several times during the ride.  The leader will make the group aware of meeting points during the ride.

  • On a drop ride it is possible to be left solo. Know the route or the way back to the start point.


Start Time & Cancellations:

  • Arrive 15 minutes before start time.  Rides depart on time!

  • Ride leader will post cancellations on Facebook.

  • Rides may be cancelled due to weather, temperature, or ride leader emergency. Always check Facebook for cancellations before the ride.


Equipment and Club Requirements:

  • All riders must wear a helmet.

  • Check the condition of your bike, tires, and brakes before each ride.

  • Ensure your tires are properly inflated before every ride!

  • Club members only on Hb group rides.  Non-members will need to sign up on- site in order to participate in any club activities.

  • You may not use aero bars at any time during group rides.

  • No headphones during the rides, no exceptions!

  • Carry cell phone, ID, medical insurance card and a small amount of cash.

  • Carry flat changing tools, a pump or co2 and be prepared to repair the tire on your own if necessary.

  • Front and rear flashing lights are necessary for safety.

    • Ensure lights have fresh batteries or have been recently charged before the ride.

    • For long rides, bring backup lights, additional batteries, or a means to recharge your lights.

  • Carry water and food for the ride.  Longer rides may stop for supplies as conditions demand.



  • Be predictable. Hold a steady line as you ride, and signal any changes in your line or speed to others in the group.

  • Stop at all red lights and do not advance until the change to green.  Stay to the right side of the road during a stop and don’t block motor vehicles behind.

  • Full stop at all stop signs.

  • Use arm signals AND vocal announcements to indicate turning or stopping.

  • Do not overlap wheels with the rider in front of you.  

  • Signal and Announce hazards.

  • Do not swerve around unexpected hazards, as this creates unpredictable reactions behind you.

  • Call out motor vehicles approaching from the back. Do not assume the rider in front of you heard the rider behind you -- YOU call it out also.

  • Call out motor vehicles entering the roadway at intersections or driveways to your right or left.

  • Never ride on the wrong side of the yellow line.

  • Always inform the ride leader if you are leaving the ride early.

  • Please inform the ride leader of any crashes or injuries.

    • Step off the bike for an assessment of yourself and your equipment.

    • Stay to the side of the road during this assessment.

    • Always confirm the working order of your shifters and brakes before remounting your bike.

  • Ride as far to the right as is safe and practical.

  • Never ride more than two abreast and single up when motor vehicle traffic is present to avoid obstructing traffic.

    • Always ride single file in Chatham. It is the local ordinance.

  • Triathlon / Time Trial bicycles are prohibited except where explicitly allowed.

    • On group rides that do allow tri / tt bikes, those riders must remain a safe braking distance from the main group. No drafting or pacelining. You may pass slower riders to stay with the main group.


Be courteous:

  • To motor vehicle traffic.

  • To pedestrians.

  • To other cyclists.

  • Set a good example on the road while wearing the Hb colors!   Wave and smile, you’re on a bike ride!