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Ride Schedule

Always check Facebook (links above) for DAY OF RIDE DETAILS

Weather Cancellations, Route Updates, Starting Location and Messages from THE RIDE LEADER.

***NEW COVID Rules & Guidelines***

Social Distancing and Face Covering Rules: 

  • When gathering pre-ride or post-ride, a face covering like a disposable N-95 mask, cloth mask, or Neck Gaiter is required. 

  • Face Coverings are required for Long Stops, i.e., café stops & mechanicals. 

  • Face Coverings are NOT required while riding. 

  • Face Coverings are NOT required for traffic stops like Stop Lights/Stop Signs

  • Pre-ride, post-ride and at Long Stops, maintain a social distance between each other. 

  • Control your body fluids!  

    • Spitting and blowing of the nose must be done from the back of the group only. 


Ride Guidelines for COVID 

  • The Club will not “ban” drafting.

  • At traffic stops, do not “bunch up”, stay in pace line order and try to maintain a social distance. 

  • No Double-Riding, even if you’re not in Chatham. 

  • Carry a small bottle of hand sanitizer to use as needed. 


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