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HbCC/HbW is led and operated by a volunteer board who generously donate their time to facilitate group rides, lead cycling-related clinics, and organize social rides events and more. 

To contact the board, email us at hbcycleclub@gmail.com.

Edward Hernandez

My bike is my psychotherapist, physical therapist, and social director. For me, there is nothing like the escape of riding a bike with my friends from the HB community - my cycling crew and family! Come ride with us. Whether you are a recreational or competitive rider, you’ll find we are a very welcoming community with members from all walks of life who are just passionate about cycling!

Kelly E. Harnett

Director of Marketing/Website

I bike.  I started as a child (pink dirt bike, then a 10-speed w/ a basket for my paper route).  I continued to ride to class in college;  the Syracuse snow was no match for me.  I commuted to work on my trusty 20 year old  Giant steel frame hybrid when I lived in NYC, tackling all potholes on the way.  Now in the 'burbs I've found a cycling home with HbW & HbCC.  I also play tennis & volleyball.  I am a sound designer, own 15 pairs of headphones & obsess over details...this Virgo loves every bike app's charts, stats & data!

John Piszko



Troy Doll

At Large

I started cycling in earnest ten years as part of a company charity ride.  Finishing that ride and smelling the salt air of the ocean had me hooked.  Now an avid cyclist, I enjoy group rides to the coffee shop (as long as it is many miles away and preferably not a Starbucks), the occasional race (competing in time trials this year) and a gravel grinder or two.  Being out on the bike with friends or occasionally solo is one of my favorite and most peaceful things to do.

Vice President


Drew Epstein

Director of Group Rides

When I was a kid, my friends and I would call each other and ask, "Do you want to go ride bikes?" No itinerary. No destination. Just "ride bikes".  Forty years later, I'm still asking the same question. I don't care if you ride a beach cruiser, hybrid, race machine, or e-bike. Let's go ride bikes together.

Jennifer O’Sullivan



Lisa Gelmetti

At Large

I have been a member of HBW/ HBCC since 2014 and credit the bike club with being a “life changing experience.” I love leading and participating in rides,  both with the club as well as with my husband, Rick.  There is no better way to see the world up close and personal than on a bike!

I am a keen cyclist and endurance athlete. For several years now, I have been one of HbCC's Coffee Crew ride leaders which rides out of the Hb Summit shop on Saturday morning.  While most of my miles are on the road, I enjoy ‘all things bicycle’...and am happy on single track and gravel rides too! 

Joanne Penn

Director of Cycletta

My cycling passion started with the 2014 ADA Tour De Cure metric century (62.5 miles)... more distance meant more donations but it also meant getting on a road bike for the first time.  I immediately fell in love with all things CYCLING: t he challenges both mental and physical, a new family activity, new friends and the HbW and HbCC community.  Skiing will always be my #1 passion but cycling is a close second. 

Adam Augenzucker

Hilltop Bicycles

Liaison to club


Lisa Braddock

President Emeritus


Kelli Cusano


Director of Education Events

Mike Lorditch 




Claudine Gimblette